Roman Kremenchugskij
Copenhagen, Denmark
61962786 (Mobile)
Software developer
Ballerup, Capital Region, Denmark
romankremenchugskij (LinkedIn)
I have worked on various projects where my focus has been
Top Skills
on .NET, C# and SQL.
Some of the areas I've worked with, was maintaining, debugging,
optimizing, analyzing and creating new C#/.NET functionality,
creating new SQL functions/queries that take data from a large
database and compiled it into a list/report or XML file.
English (Native or Bilingual)
Danish (Native or Bilingual)
I've worked with creating a CRUD API using WCF services and
Russian (Native or Bilingual)
I have created automation, a WCF operation that took an XML and
MCPS: Microsoft Certified
ran various other operations based on that XML and compared
MS: Programming in C#
MS: Programming in HTML5 with
JavaScript and CSS3
I thrive working logically and systematically, to ensure that the
queries and algorithms run in the most efficient way, while making
sure that the data integrity is high.
I am a person who takes pride in doing my job professionally and
responsibly. When I work on any type of project, I will, when faced
with challenges, work my way through them systematically.
In my workflow I am very focused on the challenges that lie ahead of
me. It is problem solving that gives me a kick and motivates me.
During my work experience, I have yet to come across a problem
I have not been able to solve with focus, dedication and creative
thinking, and therefore look forward to a workplace that will offer me
the challenges I seek to develop my skills further.
Socially I am frequently referred to as outgoing and cheerful.
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When I work in a team, i try to be a team player, in that while
focusing on my tasks, i try to help others.
I constantly devise new projects for myself, possible apps /
programs / websites. For the majority of them, they end up in that I
conceive them, their opportunities and sometimes generate "proof
of concept" to flush out/test out some of their biggest and most
interesting problems.
Software Developer
June 2015 - Present (4 years 9 months)
Worked on the Foeniks (unemployment benefits and union) caseworker
system, using C#, .Net, XML, XSD, SQL query creation/optimizing/debugging/
reporting (i've been in charge of around 30 SQL queries that compile data from
a large database into XML files for use with a letter sending application and
other SQL queries and optimization), LINQ, WCF services, SSRS, handling
various datasources and API's, Quality assurance, Angular and TypeScript.
Worked with C# and .NET on the old KMD Pension project, creating an
application for caseworkers.
Worked with Xamarin (Android and iOS) on the SmartCare project, where
we developed an app to present relevant information and relevant actions to
professional healthcare workers in the field (home visits).
Out of Bits
Mobile Application Developer
November 2013 - June 2016 (2 years 8 months)
I founded the company Out Of Bits, where i started with a news aggregation
Android app for the followers/supporters of a specific football club.
I spent a lot of time perfecting the news aggregation methods and developing
the app with simplicity, usability and performance in mind.
The app got its news data from Twitter, RSS, Facebook and direct scraping/
parsing from HTML.
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After the first app proved that there existed a demand for news aggregators of
this type, work started on a new app (Ballbrain), that should cover the entire
danish premier league and more.
Ballbrain is still in development as i only work on it sparingly, when i have the
time/energy for it and i don't have other projects i want to work on.
Checktom ApS
Developer Internship
August 2014 - February 2015 (7 months)
Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark
The product i developed for Checktom was a module for their web application
made it possible for businesses to manage events/gigs, payments and create
job ads.
The module was mostly done at the end of the internship.
My tasks were:
Backend development using Javascript,Node.js,Backbone.js and MongoDB.
Analyzing data and architecture.
Helping manage a separate team of interns to help them organize their work
Creating proof of concepts/prototypes.
Android developer internship
January 2013 - July 2013 (7 months)
Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark
I was tasked with creating an Android app for internal use at the company.
It contains a Gitlab client (using Gitlab API), contactlist (using RESTfull api),
Phone hardware/software information, Portfolio (using RESTfull api) and Login/
Logout service/receiver for the test devices.
It was developed for use on android 2.2-4.1.
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Copenhagen Business Academy
BA in Software Development, Software Development · (2013 - 2015)
Copenhagen Business Academy
Academy Profession Degree, Programme in Computer Science · (2012 - 2013)
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
Part of a Bachelor of Applied Science, Information Technology · (2008 - 2012)
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